Are you concerned about the quality & Methods of company catering?

We have a solution for you!

Filip Sajler

Fresh food

straight From
our chefs
every day

EatSmart box

Wide offer

10 types of meals
with 8 rotating menus

Radical cost savings

on operation and investment and a rapid launch of the entire service

We bring a revolutionary solution to corporate catering.

It's smart, economic, and satisfying. Your employees will thank you. We're opening up a new world of daily fresh food - simply select a meal, heat it up, and enjoy it at your office.

A cost
& time

No need to invest in cooking technology or construction work.

Launch your
catering quickly.

Significantly lower
demands for
operating costs.



Save on energy,
waste, cleaning
products, grease
traps, etc.

No lengthy approval
process as in
the case of cafeterias
or dispensaries.

Sustainable solutions,
constant innovation
and development,
rapid response to social
needs transparency,
monitored catering
with data collection.

IT Smart solutions,
Chef Tech = monthly service fee
Price for the service
on request

under your control

_IT Smart solutions for employers and employees;
use our app for your HR needs.

_Monitoring and reporting - track who eats what and when,
see how healthy/unhealthy employees' diets are;
track in real time using our patented RFID technology.

_Set your own pricing for meals according to your HR needs
(can be used as a motivational reward).

_Connect our back office to your platform via our APIs
to enable seamless connectivity with your HR system,
including generating custom reports.

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The joy of eating.
Fresh food
every day.

Our story has been underway since 2005. We have always loved food, and
we wanted to change and innovate our world, the world of gastronomy.

That's how Perfect Canteen was born, followed shortly after by the Perfect Canteen chain of corporate restaurants. A few years ago, the idea of offering people restaurant-style food that they could enjoy anytime and anywhere was born in the heart of Chef Filip Sajler. Filip therefore put together a team with international culinary experience and the highest expertise, a chain of farms and other suppliers, and cutting-edge Scandinavian technology.

And so now comes HOPI CHEF TECH CENTER, a unique project that is just a field-to-table dream come true and a R/Evolutionary solution for the world of food and gastronomy.

Filip Sajler podpis

At work

interested in the
eatsmarT solution?

contact us!

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