Veggie Challenge

Join the ProVeg Veggie Challenge and try eating more plant-based for 30 days.

In conjunction with colleagues from Onion. we are proud to partner with the Pro Veg Challenge.

Try to lighten the planet and enjoy a healthy start with a personal challenge. We will help you and you will receive free tips, recipes and other support from us. Register for the challenge here: and win. ‍

And if you want to taste vegan dishes directly from the chefs, believe us, we have prepared a surprise for you every day. So you have something to look forward to throughout January.

2. 1.
Lentil balls with gravy sauce and mashed potatoes

3. 1.
Kung pao with vegan pieces, jasmine rice, peanuts and sesame

4. 1.
Traditional tenderloin in vegetable form with cranberries and our bun dumpling

5. 1.
Chickpea meatballs with Nori seaweed, baked sweet potatoes and leaf salad

6. 1.
Vegetable "pastry", cabbage, potato wedges with onion

​​9. 1.
Indian lentil dhal with basmati rice

10. 1.
Chickpeas baked in tomatoes with vegetables, grilled tempeh and arugula

11. 1.
Vegetable meatball with lentils, mashed potatoes, sour cucumber

12. 1.
Tikka Masala with vegan noodles, basmati rice with peanuts, onion and sesame

13. 1.
Vegan summer rolls with rice noodles, crunchy vegetables, avocado and mango, peanut sauce

16. 1.
Fried tofu in tempura with warm chickpea hummus, grilled pak choy

17. 1.
Vegan balls in tomato sauce with jasmine rice

18. 1.
Mushroom stew, bread dumpling, spring onion

19. 1.
Zucchini gnocchi with cabbage and bread pangratta

20. 1.
Mediterranean plate with grilled tofu in herb marinade, grilled eggplant served with tomato salad with red onion, bulgur and tahini dip

23. 1.
Vegetable balls, pepper sauce, mashed potatoes and coleslaw

24. 1.
Vegetable stew from Szeged with our bun dumpling

25. 1.
Vegetable curry with tofu and jasmine rice

26. 1.
Sour lentils with vegan sausages, glazed onion and pickle

27. 1.
Vegan bolognese ragout with orecchiette pasta

28. 1.
Vegetable butter chicken with no meat, wild rice

29. 1.B
OWL with vegan pieces, kimchi, mung beans, wild rice, baked sweet potatoes, bulgur and Asian dressing

And next weeks we are preparing...

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